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Still poking around for a home here, I really think I need a smaller community since it seems like almost everything is instantly lost off the front page and relegated to obscurity. If you're here and you like my stuff / know any good groups or artsy type stuff local to Toronto msg me.

The groups I'm in are nice but I don't get any traction at all from them. Feels like something that took 20 hours to create should get more than the same number of views if that on a good day.

I'm terrible at self promotion.
You can find me on twitter @oneeyewhite or


Thought I might make a new Journal entry, have nothing to say. Yay for pointless internet time!! Going to be posting more probably or you can find me @




p.s. Lol DA journal skins are a premium feature? I got absolutely no value out of a year membership so I guess these will remain stock.

Hello DA

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 8:05 PM
Time to give this a shot by maybe actually contributing to the scene instead of spending much more time/thought tearing it down. Learning things all the time :)